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Care at Centrum prenatální diagnostiky is all about your needs and options. We are honored to help you through exams, tests, procedures, and health education

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We have dedicated and skilled employees t

3D/4D Ultrasound examination

3D/4D Ultrasound examination   3D/4D Examination What will our baby look like?   What is a 3D ultrasound examination? 3D examination emerged as a new…

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To deliver high-quality comprehensive healthcare services excellence, safety and competence.

Ultrasound examination

Centrum prenatální diagnostiky are among the most important units in Czech republic providing over 10,000 women annually with all the necessary ultrasonography diagnostic tests. Imaging exams are performed on the same day and are highly reliable. If laboratory tests are required in order to confirm indications or signs suggestive of chromosomal abnormalities, these are conducted by our Cytogenetic lab Brno . The Clinic’s computer system allows the storing of all examinations on a per case basis and provides easy and rapid retrieval, making them readily available to the attending physician and the patient, as needed. Seven fully equipped examination rooms with state-of-the-art ultrasonography machines operate. Fetal Medicine examinations are performed by appointment.

Gynaelogical department

The Gynecological Department is one of the most modern and fully equipped departments covering the entire range of gynecologic diagnosis and treatment.

Gynaecological Department

The purpose of your routine annual gynecology exam is to allow a health care provider to check your female organs to ensure and maintain good gynecological health. The physical portion of the exam takes about 2-3 minutes and there is a time before and after the exam to ask and answer any questions you and your health care provider might have.

Fetal echocardiology - FECHO

Our clinic offer you the prenatal echocardiographic examination of the fetus and postnatal follow up of the babies with congential heart defect .

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We have dedicated and skilled employees to assist our medical providers in all levels of inpatient care, a full range of outpatient.


Amnio PCR The result of amniotic fluid analysis:  a modern, quick, inexpensive and reliable way AmnioPCR is a modern method for genetic testing of the…

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Ultrasound in Preganacy - Prenatal care - Gynecology

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We have dedicated and skilled employees

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